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Kevin Mullins

Night after night shows like Shark Tank and Dragons Den present hopeful entrepreneurs showcasing their grand ideas and walking away with millions. Prime-time whimsy at its best. Pitch your idea on national T.V. a panel of T.V. investors deliberate and, presto! you’re rolling in Benjamins before the commercial break.

Business rarely works that way. But it sure is fun to watch.

Business is Tough. Celebrate the Wins.

The reality is, commercial success is incredibly rewarding but insanely difficult.

The facts are that the majority of new business ventures never make it beyond their first birthday. Therefore, when a company not only survives but thrives, we gotta party. Our client MB2 Dental, one of America’s fastest-growing Dental Partnership Organizations, had several reasons to celebrate in 2019:

Some impressive numbers! Plus just yesterday, they celebrated 200 total affiliated practices. A company milestone.

Screen Shot 2020 01 25 at 11.22

Even more impressive is that they’re doing all of this in an industry hell-bent on maintaining the status quo. Perhaps it’s smooth sailing in your industry, but let me tell you, the dental business is a jungle. Guarded by some heavily fortified competitors who are battling to keep things the way they’ve always been.

When we stepped in as their digital marketing partner, MB2’s growth was turning in the right direction. But, they were struggling in some key areas. The principal area was some confusion around their USP. The people who needed to hear the message most weren’t receiving it.

This is a common problem.

Toe-To-Toe With Giants

Taking on an entire industry who will do anything to keep you silent is a monumental task. Especially if you’re introducing something new and innovative like a Dental Partnership Organization.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, Founder and CEO, said it this way: 

“When I founded MB2 back in 2007 with just a few practices across north Texas, I never dreamed that I’d see the day where over 400 dentists would be part of this group. It’s rewarding and encouraging to know that something I am truly passionate about can resonate with so many fellow doctors. I created MB2 because I knew there had to be a better option for dentists. I wanted to create more options than what our medical counterparts had, so I banded with my doctor partners to create it,”

According to their year-end press release, “MB2’s DPO model is unique in that doctor owners retains a considerable amount of equity of their practice while partnering with MB2. Along with the financial advantages of MB2’s model, owners remain in control of their practice’s personal brand, culture, team, and most importantly, have complete clinical autonomy. MB2 has also made a name for itself as having a fun, family-oriented culture among its doctor owners.”

No wonder the dominant players weren’t too happy when MB2 Dental showed up. They are carving a new, innovative business model straight through the bedrock of the entrenched Dental Service Organization landscape.

Building Unstoppable Marketing Momentum

We love facing marketing challenges like this. MB2 Dental is exactly the kind of partner Atomivox was built for. Brazen. Ambitious. Ready to break the mold. 

Rebuilding their marketing strategy in the face of such strident competition presented a daunting challenge. Despite serious headwinds, we didn’t let market conditions or incumbents stop us. It was a lot of hard work, but as we enter our ninth month and turn the calendar on a new decade, we want to share a peek into the collective digital marketing work that made 2019 a banner year for MB2 Dental.

Below are four strategic steps we took together to transform their inbound marketing and help deliver their biggest growth year ever. Let’s go!

1. Flip The Script

Sometimes the best way to break through the noise of a crowded market is to sing off-key. In 2019, MB2 Dental completely tore up their corporate brandscript and rewrote it. A bold move.

We encounter so many companies hindered by a dull message. They feel like they have to use the same unwritten script or lingo as their competitors to be relevant.

The opposite is true.

Customers respond overwhelmingly when a company rejects “corporate” jargon and speaks clearly and plainly. Jargon is the enemy of effective marketing. Confuse customers with insider language or business buzzwords and you will lose.

However, by refusing to use industry lingo in your marketing, you’ll make it easy for customers to understand you, cut through the noise of the competition, and future-proof your digital marketing. 

Most importantly, this one change can revolutionize your sales and marketing goals. It worked for MB2 Dental, it can work for you.

2. Refresh Your Digital Assets

Second, with the help of our agency partners, MB2 Dental launched a completely new corporate website. Not that their old website was bad, quite the opposite. It just wasn’t prepared to take MB2 Dental to the next level.

Screen Shot 2020 01 22 at 21.27

This is another common mistake. Companies often keep legacy assets around longer than they should. They’re afraid of what a drastic change might do to their business. Or worse, they fail to account for the negative impact of an out-of-date, unoptimized website.

Changing your branding or digital assets isn’t always the best strategy. However, it is vital to routinely examine your legacy assets and measure your growth metrics. Are your digital assets doing more harm than good? MB2 Dental made the change, and with the help of our inbound marketing strategy, experienced a net-positive ROI across nearly every touchpoint.

Screen Shot 2020 01 22 at 12.55.34

3. Learn A New Language

The third major improvement was a more profound understanding of their dental industry audience, including the best way to reach them.

Most businesses mistakenly think that digital marketing is a one-way conversation — from the brand to the world. 

It’s not. 

The best brands in the world take the time to learn how to converse with their audiences. They invest in understanding how they think, what they care about, and where best to engage them.

The worst brands? We call their strategy “pay and pray.” E.g., paying for clicks, likes, and impressions and praying their efforts bring some sort of intangible ROI. No measurement, no follow-up, no accountability.

Once we uncovered who we were striving to reach, we wrote copy, designed content, posts, and ads, and developed a search ads campaign to grab our target audience’s attention and draw them in. Then we put an accountability system in place to measure performance and track results. 

Visitor Data

4. Get A Birds-Eye-View

Fourth and perhaps most valuable was our urgent need for a global view on everything happening across digital channels.

Enter Hubspot. 

To be completely honest, I was a bit skeptical. MB2 Dental was already using it so we needed to ramp up quickly to get up to speed. Quite a feat while trying to rebuild a new inbound marketing strategy…
And custom workflows…
And a growing lead flow for the teams managing inbound growth.

We had used a number of other tools in the past but for a complex project like this, we needed something different. Moreover, nothing else had ever come close to wrangling a huge omnichannel marketing strategy like this.

Hubspot’s integrated tools gave us the ability to precisely track contacts and entry points. We are able to visualize and track analytics, pinpoint funnel dynamics, and follow deal flows with beautiful, accurate reports.

Screen Shot 2020 01 23 at 17.55 scaled 1

Now? Consider us believers. We’re BIG fans of Hubspot now.

If you’re struggling to track your customers, leads, contacts or feel like you’re flying blind with your analytics and data, you should consider Hubspot. The core toolset is completely free and delivers a TON of value.

Did I mention the core platform is free

We’ve transitioned our entire Atomivox workflow to Hubspot and are making it a mainstay in our digital marketing strategies. It’s that good.

Go ahead and sign up. You won’t regret it.

What Are You Waiting For?

We covered a lot of ground with MB2 Dental in 2019. It looks like 2020 is going to be spectacular. We’re honored to play our part in helping this first-of-its-kind dental partnership organization accomplish its mission of empowering dentists to preserve their profession. 

The four different strategies and tools above can transform your sales and digital marketing. Don’t be afraid to flip the script, develop a new website, go deep to understand your communities and audiences, or get your hands dirty with a new marketing tool. Your sales and marketing will improve, your leads will increase, and you’ll have your rivals running for cover. 

Together with our agency partners, Atomivox achieved the monumental task of redefining MB2’s target market and building an inbound funnel to attract their tribe. Last year was exciting. With a further 20+ new practice acquisitions lined up for Q1 2020, we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Curious to learn more? Read the full MB2 Dental Case Study here.

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