Nominated for a 2019 DiviAward!

Kevin Mullins


You win some, you lose some…That’s how the game is played. Although we didn’t win this round of the Divi awards 1f641, we’re so humbled and proud of the support we received from you! A HUGE congratulations to the winners and a big round of applause to our community! This is just the beginning!

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Eight months ago, we took a wrecking ball to the Atomivox brand, website, and narrative and rebuilt it from the ground up. The Property Brothers would be proud. Everything was on the line and nothing was off-limits. You know, the very same branding and design process we put our customers through.

Today, all that hard work has paid off.

No Guts, No Glory

During planning, I told the team I only had two goals in mind. Goal #1 was to take Atomivox through our rebranding process to have a brand that truly represents our studio today. Goal #2 was to win an award. Of course, this is the internet and you can’t take the things that happen here, too seriously. That being said…


Atomivox Screenshot 2

Phenomenal use of branding, layout, typography, and animation.

– The Divi Awards

What Is A Divi Award?

Atomivox is nominated for a DiviAward

Every month, the cool folks at The Divi Awards gather a sample of the best websites built using Divi for a public and panel vote. The judges are some of the most respected Divi-focused designers, developers, and agency owners in the ecosystem. We’ve been a part of the Elegant Themes ecosystem for a long time. We’ve even been nominated for a Divi Top-10. But it’s awesome to see our own design considered for a Divi Award.

“With bold design, colors and a front page that doesn’t become any larger than it needs to be, this site is beautifully crafted, condensed and to-the-point. Not easy to do but very well executed.”

– Josh Hall, DiviAward Judge |

Public voting is open today and the judges decide a winner on August 4th. Love Atomivox and want us to totally win? We’d appreciate your vote.

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