6 Marketing tips to attract ideal clients to your business

Kevin Mullins

“Hello, I’m a Mac. And I’m A PC.”

Remember those short video ads that Apple ran in the early 2000s? The short vignettes featuring John Hodgman as the stogy, uptight PC and Justin Long as the creative, modern Mac? 

They were the ultimate viral content before Facebook, YouTube, and social media took off. They were great then. They would have dominated today. 

screenshot of two actors
Screenshot From Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials. ©Apple.

Despite being made for T.V., Adweek named them the best advertising campaign of the decade. Consumers loved them too. Not only because they were funny and engaging, but they used language that everyone could understand.

Apple showed what was possible. To target and carve out a new undiscovered target audience.

They didn’t go after the hard core PC fanboys that would never convert. They wen’t after a whole new audience of people. People who didn’t care about DOS filesystems or peripherals.

They went after people who just wanted a computer to do great things — without the hassle of updates, virus scanners, and software drivers.

The ads were pure marketing genius.

Making new business Priority #1

You’re not Apple, and neither are we. You don’t have billions to spend on a slick T.V. advertising or a multimillion dollar international marketing campaign.

Still, wouldn’t you love a solid list of repeat happy clients? A steady stream of recurring income? A CRM full of prospective customers? A big, engaged social media following? Wouldn’t we all.

Those are every business owner’s dream. But they’re not reality, at least not at first. Your ideal client is constantly on the move. Target audiences regularly change providers and adjust spending habits.

These (and other variables) can turn the dream of boundless lead generation and sales growth into an endless frustration. 

Whether you’re the business owner or charged with sales and marketing, attracting your ideal client and bringing new customers into your business should be priority number one.

Whether you’re the business owner or charged with sales and marketing, attracting your ideal client and bringing new customers into your business should be priority number one.

On the surface, it sounds simple. But attracting new customers isn’t easy and may even seem overwhelming.

Where do you meet this target audience? How do you engage? 

Whatever business you’re in, be it small or big, gaining new clients and updating your database with existing clients is your company’s lifeblood.

According to the HubSpot flywheel model, focusing your marketing efforts on “attracting new customers is the initial step to healthy business growth.”

hubspot inbound marketing flywheel image
HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Flywheel. ©HubSpot.

We’ve assembled 6 of the most helpful and effective ways to attract your ideal client, connect with your target audience, and grow your leads and sales numbers.

1. Identify the client you want to attract and where to find them

Identifying your ideal client profile is the first thing you need to do. You need to understand who you can serve with your business and who needs your products and services.

You might think, “well, theoretically I could serve anyone, so I should try to target everyone.” Wrong.

Trying to appeal to everyone is a simple way to appeal to no one.

Seth Godin says, “Everyone is not your customer.”

And as Meredith Hill once said, “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”

Meredith Hill

If you want your marketing to attract your dream client, you need to first identify them.

That person who would love your services so much they’d tell all their friends about you. That’s your ideal client.

Once you’ve identified who your ideal customer is, you’ll be able to make a target list and narrow your goal for more efficient prospecting.

  • Where does your target audience hang out?
  • Are they engaging together in groups on social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook?
  • Do they read, follow, like, or listen to like-minded people on Youtube, Instagram, or Podcasts?
  • Do they chat and share ideas in forums like Discord, Quora or Reddit?

Knowing where to look and what your ideal clients are doing together will make your job of attracting and engaging them easier.

2. Understand your business and be the answer to your new customers

As a leader, you need unparalleled insight into your company’s products and services.

In simple terms, you must know everything your ideal customer needs to know and be able to answer every question they might ask.

They need to see your brand as someone who understands them and has what they need. Your marketing message should reflect this.

Positioning your brand as the trusted guide gets 90% of the way towards closing the sale. Even if sales conversions and revenue numbers aren’t there yet. 

Remember, your ideal client needs a trusted guide with expert advice to help make their life better. You are Obi-Wan Kenobi. Your customer is Luke Skywalker. (I’m a nerd, I know.)

Like Luke Skywalker, your ideal customer is looking for someone to guide them to win the day. That’s why we spend so much time helping our clients develop things like brandscripts, copywriting, blog content and content maps, and story-driven web-design.

These are decisive elements to a winning website and inbound marketing strategy.

In “Building A Storybrand” Donald Miller says, “when you position your solutions as the answer to your client’s pain points, you’ve already won.”

He continues:  

“When we position our customer as the hero and ourselves as the guide, we will be recognized as a trusted resource to help them overcome their challenges. Positioning the customer as the hero in the story is more than just good manners; it’s also good business.”

Donald Miller, “Building A StoryBrand”
happy client holding shopping bags by marble wall
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

3. Offer something to the fans in your target market

Your dream clients are the most likely to become your biggest fans — if you can get their attention and convert them.

The winning strategy behind inbound marketing is attraction, engagement, and delight.

High-quality, engaging content and interest-inducing lead magnets are the key to generating conversions from your prospective clients. Sometimes it’s not all down to price point.

How can you make these ideal clients feel special?

Offer discounts off their first purchase. Give special offers or free consultations to show them some love. Exclusive offers and value propositions like members-only benefits, referral systems, prizes, or hidden discounts are simple ways to turn early adopters into raving brand advocates.

These value add-ons supply your first customers motivation to continue using your products and services while giving them the fuel they need to spread your message to a wider audience of prospective customers.

4. Forge Partnerships

In attracting new customers, nothing beats an old-fashioned partnership. This is especially true when taking on a new market or adding a new service.

Chances are you’re already aware of existing brands or businesses that have earned your target audience’s trust. Try to search for other businesses in your local market or on LinkedIn that might be open to a partnership with you or that offer a product or service to complement yours.

Through partnerships, you get to share your lists of dream clients. As your partner meets your clients, you’ll be able to meet theirs. Further, engaging in beneficial relationships with other businesses will enhance your reliability and authority, eventually leading to referrals that generate more clients.

5. Never miss the follow up

Like in basketball, you often win or lose based on how you manage the rebound. Adding a follow-up process to your sales and marketing efforts isn’t just a nice to have, it’s essential.

If you want to hit your lead generation and sales goals, you must add follow-up tasks for every marketing activity you do. According to LeadSimple,

  • Following up three times is 68% more effective than once
  • Following up six times is 94% better than once
sales follow up probability chart
Contact probability chart. Courtesy of LeadSimple.

Set a reminder if you’re using plain email, phone calls, or texts. If you’re using a marketing automation platform like HubSpot, you can set a task to remind you or pre-build your marketing email sequences to run follow up for you.

You won’t have to lift a finger and you’ll still be able to follow up with your prospects.

6. Use current customers as your door to new customers

Sometimes we’re so focused on getting new clients we neglect our existing customers. Your existing clients aren’t merely a source of steady income. They are also, by far, the most effective way to build a new list of prospective clients.

Referrals, or word-of-mouth marketing as it’s called, is the single best way to spread your marketing message.

Dharmesh Quote

A lot of your customers will do this because they like your brand. But you can juice it a little by adding some motivating benefits.

Like I mentioned above, try offering incentives through a referral system, points or rewards an affiliate program, or discounts in return for new sales.

Great service will motivate them, but rewards will them excite them to promote your business to everyone they know.

What’s the bottom line?

Ideal clients don’t grow on trees. You need to put in the hard work to find them, attract them, and entice them to do business with you.

The good news is, ideal customers are out there. With these 6 tips, you’ll be well on your way to converting more prospects and growing your business like never before.

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