Top 5 best types of brand voice & tone

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How your brand communicates is more than a cool tagline or the right celebrity endorsement. Here are 5 examples of classic brands that get voice and tone right.

3 Steps to start a conversation on your website

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The era of instant communication is radically transforming how shoppers interact with brands online. If your sales strategy depends on customers starting a conversation through your website, these three steps will help you…

3 Tips for “I don’t like my employer’s website. Now what?”

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Is your employer’s website hurting sales, frustrating customers, or making your job harder? What to do? You may not be a designer, developer, or in charge of your company’s website, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. Here are 3 tips to get things moving in the right direction.

How coronavirus is changing our online habits


As the graphics illustrate, some business sectors are on fire, posting growth and gains they haven’t seen in decades. Many businesses like Technology and IT, SaaS, content production, business consultancies, healthcare, scientific research…