3 Marketing tips to grow after an economic downturn


Times have been tough, full stop. The way forward remains unpredictable. No one knows where it all ends. But it will end. Here are 3 marketing tips to prepare your business to grow after the economic downturn.

Hard Times: 5 Examples of overcoming adversity


Ever felt like the odds were stacked against you? Like, no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t win? Adversity doesn’t have to mean defeat. For these historical businesses and heros, dark times were no match for bright ideas. What about yours?

How coronavirus is changing our online habits


As the graphics illustrate, some business sectors are on fire, posting growth and gains they haven’t seen in decades. Many businesses like Technology and IT, SaaS, content production, business consultancies, healthcare, scientific research…

Nominated for a 2019 DiviAward!


Eight months ago, we took a wrecking ball to our Atomivox brand, website, and narrative. It was a total rebuild worthy of the Property Brothers. Today, all that hard work has paid off. We’ve been nominated…

The Atomivox Rebrand


For nearly five years, clients have come to Atomivox to build brands that stand for something. Today we’re fortunate to be building brands with conviction and grit for SMB’s all over the world.

It wasn’t always like this.

Rebranding and redesigning an insurance company


When a company first approaches us for a brand and marketing redesign, they often cite various reasons. Some might be struggling with their business, some want a fresh new look to their brand, and others wish to redirect their messaging towards a new audience.

We made the Top Ten!


Are we starting to see a trend? We design something, people like it, share it and magic happens. Atomivox is honored to feature…