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It’s not every day that you learn about crushing sales prospecting from one of the best salespeople in the world. I mean, Dan Tyre literally wrote the book on how to build an inbound organization.

He’s also globally recognized for being HubSpot’s #6 employee, their Director of Sales, and an inbound master who has overseen something like $1+ Billion in sales.

That’s billion with a capital “B.” Yeah, Dan is a major league sales prospecting master.

How in the world then, did an old lion like me get the chance to learn from a sales and marketing master like Dan Tyre?

Welcome to the power of HubSpot’s solutions partner program. A not-so-top-secret club for creative inbound and growth marketing agencies like Atomivox. Anyone can apply but not many will get in. In January, we applied and we made it. A process I detailed here and here.

The Road To HubSpot’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp

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We’ve been a HubSpot certified partner for almost a year. Even though we’ve delivered branding and web design since 2015, we only recently combined everything under the inbound marketing umbrella.

When it comes to aligning sales and marketing and things like ABM, marketing automation, campaigns, and customer service, we’re good but we’re still learning, too.

Normally, participating in a sales training exercise like Dan’s LIONS course would require flights, hotel stays, and in-person instruction. A hefty price-tag. But COVID changed the rules for everyone and HubSpot pivoted. They turned Dan’s training into an 8 week virtual bootcamp, opening a window for remote partner agencies to join in.

Imagine my surprise when our CAM, Bruno Silveira, invited Atomivox to join the HubSpot LIONS program. Getting an opportunity to join other marketing leaders and agency owners was a chance of a lifetime I couldn’t miss. I applied for my spot in LIONS Cohort #1620 immediately.

Dan Tyre
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What I learned from Dan Tyre

HubSpot does an amazing job of investing in their partners. Its an ingredient in the secret sauce that’s fueled HubSpot’s explosive growth. The indefatigable Dan Tyre is another of their secret weapons.

The formula goes like this: when agencies get stronger, services and solutions get better. Together, the HubSpot software and our agency’s creativity help our clients overtake their competitors.

A win-win-win.

The Pipeline Generation Bootcamp gives us marketing agencies (and our clients) a major competitive advantage. And HubSpot knows it. It’s an advantage we pass along to our client partners, enthusiastically.

During the 8-week Pipeline Generation Bootcamp, Dan teaches using real-world experiences and examples. Under his guidance, you learn advanced sales and marketing techniques, inbound methodologies, agency growth, and roleplaying exercises with other agency owners. Dan’s energy and enthusiasm make each week a blast.

The #1620 PGB Cohort

Below are the top five lessons I learned in my cohort. While I’m only highlighting five in this blog post, I could have easily mentioned more. From confidence and approach to video prospecting and sales techniques, Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp is a memorable experience.

1. Prospecting is a people game.

Week after week, Dan showed us the best sales people care about people. The moment your sales efforts become more about buying databases and lists, you’re toast.

Prospective customers aren’t numbers and their issues aren’t line-items on a spreadsheet. They’re real people with real problems; problems that are yours for the solving if you’re willing to dig down and uncover what they really are.

Winning at sales and prospecting means getting to know the people you want to connect with.

2. Every interaction deserves a personalized touch.

Dan taught us that the best sales people do their homework and come prepared to engage on every prospecting call, connect call, or video email.

Bad salespeople don’t really care who you are, what your needs are, or even try to pronounce your name right. They just want to make their numbers.

Great sales people on the other hand, learn everything there is to know about you. Your last promotion, your change in title, and where you went to school. They genuinely care.

Yes, it’s true that those who pick up the phone win all the business. But that only works as far as you’re willing to invest the time to get to know your prospects.

In Dan’s world, every interaction begins with standing up, smiling big, and addressing you by your first name. Why? Because you’re speaking to another human being who deserves to be heard.

That’s how you connect with others and create happy connections.

3. Always be helping.

I admit, I never received formal sales training. But I’ve spent much of my career in customer care as a frontline service agent. Same for Emanuel Henriques, our Services Director.

Serving clients well comes naturally to us. And it’s baked into Atomivox’s DNA. Like the #1 operating principle Tony Hsieh instilled at Zappos, “Deliver WOW Through Service.”

Deliver WOW Through Service.

Zappos Operating Principle #1

On the other hand, I also have an extremely biased view of sales people. If you’ve ever visited a used car lot, you know why. Pushy, sleazy, and lazy are a few of the words that come to mind.

For Dan, what makes a salesperson great is a willingness to help throughout the sale. Dan calls it “shelping,” a combination of helping + selling which puts your prospect’s needs first, even before they become your customer.

Dan drilled this into our heads for 8 weeks: “If you want to be great at sales, you have to be great at helping.” Maybe you don’t close as quickly as you want. Or meet your quota. Or you might have to do some extra leg work. Big deal!

Being truly great at sales means positioning yourself as your customer’s trusted guide — something we’ve discussed before and strive to do in our agency.

“If you want to be great at sales, you have to be great at helping.”

Dan Tyre

4. Warm calls are hot. Cold calling is not.

I hate cold calling. I don’t like calling people and interrupting their day. I hate receiving them even more. Dan’s first role-playing exercise for us knocked me sideways. Whadda mean we need to role-play a warm call??

I didn’t see the point. “How’s this going to help me connect with more prospects or schedule more connect calls?” I don’t call anyone! Then, it happened.

In week 4 of our bootcamp, a website visitor downloaded one of our free “Blog Like A Boss” guides and left their phone number. Suddenly, everything Dan taught us came into focus. I needed these skill after all!

  1. Stand up and smile
  2. Greet them clearly and cheerfully
  3. State your name and business
  4. Pause, pause, pause…
  5. Then ask permission to help

I tried Dan’s approach on my first cold call and guess what? It worked! The person on the other line didn’t hang up. They didn’t curse at me for interrupting them. They listened and…engaged.

Because I started with a helping attitude, they gave me time to explain why I was calling. Then, they requested a follow-up call. Boom!

My key takeaway? Pushy, interruptive cold-calling may not work but that doesn’t mean calling never works. It just depends on your approach.

5. Video emails are the new black.

2020 shredded everything we considered normal. Earlier this year, I thought social distancing and lockdowns would mean the end of our agency. However, thanks to video technologies, the opposite happened and 2021 looks brighter than ever.

Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting went from fringe technologies to everyday business essentials. Today, nearly every single client interaction takes place over video! Isn’t that amazing?

Video even made our Pipeline Generation bootcamp possible. Each week, I met and interacted “face-to-face” with Dan and fellow agency owners through Zoom. If it wasn’t for video, I wouldn’t feel like I know Dan or my fellow lions the way I do now.

Which leads me to the most vital “trick” Dan taught us: video prospecting. Instead of a boring, impersonal emails, video technologies like Droplr or Vidyard make it easy to connect. I can show my face, share my ideas, and invite someone to a call all in a 30 second video hello!

Goodbye cold-emails.

What’s next?

So, there you have it. 5 amazing lessons I learned in Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp. We’re already putting everything I learned into practice.

Curious how you can implement these techniques into your business? Grab a free 8 minute call on my calendar and let’s chat.

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