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Kevin Mullins

Spoiler alert! We have some massive, juicy news. But first, please indulge me by reading this 2 minute intro for the backstory.

Since 2015, Atomivox has been a purpose-driven agency. It’s how we began, and how we’ve operated every day since. One of our guiding principles was continually asking ourselves, “Is our work delivering hope and opportunity for others?”

“Is our work delivering hope and opportunity for others?”

Atomivox Core Value

Hope Not Hopium

This focus on hope has been our rudder through calm seas and rough waters. Informed our decisions to turn down shiny deals and take on seemingly impossible jobs. Led our decision to join the HubSpot ecosystem and pivot towards a holistic approach to inbound marketing.

For nearly 6 years, hope has been at the core of our core values and the fuel behind Atomivox’s tenacious success.

To be honest, building an agency with such an aspirational vision is hard. We live in a world of profits before people — digital marketing is no exception. It’s costly to deliver quality with a top tier team while simultaneously refusing jobs that don’t align with our convictions, sacrificing to stay debt-free, and working long hours and late nights to keep the equation balanced.

Building a purpose-driven agency is definitely the road less travelled. A grand adventure of ups and downs with an unknown destination. But, as Frank Lloyd Wright once wrote: “You have to go whole heartedly in anything in order to achieve anything worth having.”

“You have to go whole heartedly in anything in order to achieve anything worth having.

Frank Lloyd Wright

The Jump To Web Canopy Studio

Screenshot from Web Canopy Studio website.
The Web Canopy Studio website

Despite the constant temptation to make these challenges go away, we’ve never been for sale. Mainly because we were just too busy building. But also because we had yet to find a partner that aligned with the conviction and purpose of Atomivox.

So we kept our heads down, growing, changing, and giving our clients our best. 

Several weeks ago, a private conversation between colleagues and friends opened the door to exciting new possibilities between two ambitious agencies, Atomivox and Web Canopy Studio.

A series of exploratory meetings led to an idea that stunned us all. In the words of John Aikin, Web Canopy Studio’s founder, “it really seems the stars are aligned.” 

“…it really seems the stars are aligned.”

John Aikin, Founder & CEO of Web Canopy Studio

Web Canopy Studio is more than just another marketing agency. They’re the standard bearer for what an elite team of inbound experts can do. A combination of people-first culture meets tenacity and grit, with the results to prove it.

It was clear from the start that this was an opportunity we didn’t want to miss. To play a part in the Web Canopy Studio growth story. 

WCS Brian Quote

After many positive conversations, we decided the time was right to start a new chapter. We’ve helped so many brands blast off through the years, now it was our turn. To hop aboard the Web Canopy Studio rocket, one of the world’s leading inbound marketing agencies, and contribute.

It’s Not Goodbye

The decision wasn’t easy. Atomivox has been my life for nearly 6 years. We love our customers, our team, and our brand. In big ways and small, Atomivox has defined who I am and what I contribute to the world.

It’s never easy letting go of the things that made you who you are. But that’s entrepreneurship’s big secret, you miss 100% of the shots you never take. This is our shot and my next important step to continue to create jobs, hope, and opportunity.

“Atomivox has been my life for nearly 6 years. We love our customers, our team, and our brand. In big ways and small, Atomivox has defined who I am and what I contribute to the world.”

Kevin Mullins, Founder and Managing Director of Atomivox

While Atomivox may be going away, we aren’t going anywhere. We will continue to be a part of the local and international marketing community, now under the Web Canopy umbrella. 

Thank You

The past 6 years have been an amazing ride. I want to thank every member of our team, both past and present, internal and external, who got us to this point. We stand here because of your grit, passion, and contribution.

A very sincere thank you to Emanuel, our incredible Service Director, for courageously stepping forward to stabilize this crazy train. To Marcy, our original design director, for helping make the Atomivox adventure more colorful. And my wife, Angelina, for your unending support and sacrifice, offering sage advice and gentle correction when I needed it.

Thanks to all our clients for trusting us with your brands and growth. Thank you for listening (mostly) and allowing us to tell you “No, we think there’s a better way.”

Thank you to Bruno, Carlos, Dan, and the rest of our HubSpot team. You pushed us to achieve more than we thought possible. (Gold Tier in one year, baby!)

Last but certainly not least, a hearty thank you to Kenny, John and the rest of the Web Canopy team. Thanks for your willingness to explore possibilities and for making us feel at home. Yes, Kenny, we feel “the momentum is shifting,” too.

Each of you made Atomivox more than I ever dreamed it could be. 

I am forever grateful.

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