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Kevin Mullins

There’s a paradox at the heart of B2B marketing. Want to get noticed, make your brand break through the noise, and get your target market to pay attention?

The marketing gurus say:

You need guerilla marketing.

Spend more on paid ads.

Run ads in the local paper.

Actually, it’s much simpler.

You’ve got to discover your inner Shakespeare and write. No shortcuts. No way around it.

You (or someone on your team), needs to pull up that blank screen, stare past that blinking cursor, and get those fingers typing. Often.

The strange thing is, despite the overwhelming evidence in the marketing data (yes, people actually measure this stuff), we encounter many companies that a) struggle to write high-quality blog posts and b) battle to do so with any regularity.

We don’t blame them, and we don’t blame you. We’re not pointing fingers.

You’re busy serving customers, innovating on your products, and, you know, running your company. You barely have time to stop for lunch, let alone sit down and try to dream up your next business blog post.

Hence our free B2B blogging guide.

But more of that in a moment.

First, some convincing statistics from some very smart brands.

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Statistics on why you should be blogging for your business

Blogging works but don’t take our word for it. Here it is in black and white. The existing data on whether blogging contributes to business growth couldn’t be more clear.

  • According to HubSpot, Companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month generate 4.5X more leads than those that publish 4 posts (or less)
  • DemandMetric, in their study, found that Content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing.
  • Social Media Today says, 61% of Americans spend 3X more time consuming blog content than they do email content.
  • Or how about this one? Tech Client writes, Having a blog on your website increases your chances of ranking higher in search by a massive 434%.

No matter how counterintuitive it seems, business blogging is something you must do if you want to turn your business website into a lead generation machine.

It’s a key element of what we call Content Marketing.

Content marketing, sometimes referred to inbound marketing, is a powerful digital marketing method that uses high-quality content like blog posts, landing pages, social media marketing, content offers, and other pieces of content and media to drive website traffic and leads.

“Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing method that uses high-quality content like blog posts, landing pages, social media marketing, content offers, and other pieces of content and media to drive website traffic and leads.”

The end goal is to lead prospective customers, step-by-step, through the buyer’s journey. Think of it as persuasion mixed with digital creativity to reach your target audience.

That elusive group of future customers…you know, the ideal customers, the big one’s you’d give your left arm for. They are out there, searching for what you have to offer.

They’re on Google typing in a search query and opening tabs. They’re looking for brands and businesses who can show knowledge and expertise.

You just have to give them a reason to pick you.

That’s content marketing.

Even if they’ve heard of your brand before or a friend told them to check out your website, they need to see for themselves that you actually know what you’re talking about.

That’s where your business blog comes in.

No other platform comes close to informing prospects of your knowledge, your skill set, or your industry expertise as a blog. Not a podcast, a book, or YouTube video. (These all help too, but pale compared to the almighty blog.)

There’s just one thing standing between you and a powerful lead-generating company blog: the how.

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Why we wrote Blog Like A Boss

We get it. Blogging isn’t easy. Heck, even for us, some days publishing another marketing blog post feels more like a chore than a joy — and we’re a marketing agency!

If you’re a business leader, executive, or head of marketing or sales you’re brilliant at what you do, but you’re probably not a classically trained writer.

The thought of blogging makes you break out in a cold sweat. And choosing a topic and finding the right keywords gives you a headache.

Thinking about what to post and how to promote it requires planning and forethought. Will your content resonate with and delight your audience?

All important questions. But you weren’t trained for that.

You just want to know how to get it done.

That’s why we wrote Blog Like A Boss. We wanted to create an easy-to-use resource that gave you everything you needed to write and post with confidence — on your own.

Things like:

  • How to define your target audience
  • Places to research target keywords
  • How to assign responsibilities and organize a publishing calendar
  • The importance of weaving in semantic SEO
  • The best way to prepare a content brief

Maybe you’re thinking, “thanks, but what’s in it for you?” Well, nothing really.

Many of our clients hire us to handle their whole inbound marketing strategy. Things like building a brandscript, designing a content map, and tying it all together with a beautiful blog on their website. And we’ve seen some outstanding results.

But not everyone wants or can afford to work with an inbound marketing agency. If that’s you, consider this free B2B blogging guide as our gift to you. Download it, improve your marketing and create more jobs. (That’s what matters anyway)

Did you get your free copy yet?

Blogging isn’t so complicated once you have a framework to follow. That’s what we designed this free B2B blogging guide for. To give you the helpful resource you need to show your writing who’s boss.

Fill out the form below 👇 or click here to learn more. Have more on your mind than just blogging? Let’s talk. We’re pretty good at things like brand design, web design, content and copywriting, or making HubSpot work for you.

To your blogging success! 🤘

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