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Kevin Mullins

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“Atomivox developed a rebranding process for Acção & Rigor with the creation of a new brand and institutional image, Axion Seguros. Through a multidisciplinary team, able to interpret our origins and founding values as well as envision the future in accordance to our activity, Atomivox was able to adopt a simple and objective language that demonstrated a distinct ability for execution and availability.” Henrique Alves, Axion Seguros

When a company first approaches us for a brand and marketing redesign, they often cite various reasons. Some might be struggling with their business, some want a fresh new look to their brand, and others wish to redirect their messaging towards a new audience.

The Portuguese insurance brokerage company Axion Seguros fell under the latter category. As a highly successful company, they sought to expand their reach to not just national customers but international ones, particularly the growing international ex-pat community who are making Portugal their new home.

What set Axion apart from other insurance brokerage companies was their emphasis on serving their customers, national and international alike. The company already had a healthy internal culture that communicated to their customers a sense of loyalty, relationship, and reliability. Axion was truly a partner that customers could trust as they embarked through the often-confusing insurance world. However, Axion’s old website and branding materials failed to fully reflect the company’s success and their message.

Inspired by the work Axion was already doing, we at Atomivox embarked on a journey to fully reflect Axion’s healthy culture on their website and branding, both to attract new international customers and communicate the company’s positive message.

Changing the company’s name

The first step in the rebranding process was the alteration of Axion’s company name. Their old name (Acção Seguros) was effective for the Portuguese market but posed a challenge for Axion’s mission of reaching an international audience.

Most individuals looking to move to a new country tend to do their research online for the various needs they might have. Changing the company name from Portuguese to a more English-sounding name made it more likely to be recognized by a wider customer base.

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After several extensive interviews with the customer, our team shortlisted a number of names based on those interviews and global insurance market research. The team compared our shortlist of names to larger, multinational insurance brands and landed on the name Axion. It’s similarity to the word “Action” made it a prime pick as it created a level of recognition fit for reaching a global audience.

Branding: new logo and business collateral

In its daily insurance dealings, Axion already communicated a sense of security and trust. The challenge was to translate this into a strong and creative logo.

The company’s original logo was that of an elephant – a concept that was closely tied to the history of the company. Although we first attempted to incorporate the elephant into the designs it was ultimately decided, in conjunction with the client, that the concept was slightly outdated and could prove confusing to their growing audience.

AxionSeguros OldLogo 032019

Our Creative Director (and resident design expert) Marcy discussed these ideas at length with the customer and came up with several new options.

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Marcy chose to go with the use of a shield as it is a universal symbol of strength and loyalty – traits that any customer would desire in an insurance brokerage company. The client decided to go for this shield design:

AxionSeguros Logo FullColor PT 092018

The new logo was converted into an extensive range of business and brand collateral which included new business card designs, office collateral such as letterhead and folders, as well as large corporate signage, adding further credibility and strength to Axion’s image.

Upon the customer’s request, we maintained Axion’s original color scheme of red and white.

AxionSeguros Colors 032019

These colors served as guiding posts for the overall design of the website. Before we could embark on the website design, however, we first had to look at the company’s messaging.

Communicating life, not tragedy

One of the most common messaging tropes used by insurance and insurance brokerage companies worldwide is the extended focus on tragedy. It’s a tricky issue because tragedy or the fear of tragedy is inherent in one’s pursuit of an insurance policy. We fear bad things happening, so we seek ways to protect ourselves. It’s tempting to focus on that fear.

Our team at Atomivox decided to go a different route, we decided to focus on the positive aspect of obtaining insurance, stressing the fact that having insurance means enjoying life, worry-free.

Insurance is important for tragic moments but it is also useful for the more positive moments such as a having a child, purchasing a new car or starting a new business. Changing the messaging would help give the readers a positive association with Axion, something that was already reflected in the company culture.

Ultimately the Atomivox team decided on the tagline: INSURANCE FOR LIFE as a way to best communicate that message.

AxionSeguros Logo FullColor PT 092018

The overall language of the website content sought to communicate this by using positive, user-friendly, easy-to-understand language that was also compelling and inviting.

An innovative, modern website redesign

Axion’s previous website was lacking in many ways particularly in the area of design. There was too much text and not enough visually compelling materials. The domain name (owing to the company’s previous name) was difficult to remember and difficult to spell. We also discovered that the site was slow, and due to not having been updated for some time, was lacking modern prerequisites such as SSL protection and brute force mitigation.

Our design and implementation team sought to revive the website and have it accurately reflect the company’s message of trust, security and positivity.

Inspired by the shield, we incorporated those elements into the design such as in hard corners between section dividers. The overall imagery of the website exudes a sense of security and reliability.

In order to enhance the usability and security of the website, we redesigned and redeveloped the website on WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS, optimised the website for mobile responsiveness, enhanced security using industry best practices and helped migrate the website to a faster web host using SSD servers.

The end-result

The branding and website redesign of Axion’s website was a much-needed step for the company and one that will aid them in achieving their goal of expanding their clientele to a global audience. Axion Seguros’ Henrique Alves was greatly pleased by the result:

“Atomivox developed a rebranding process for Acção & Rigor with the creation of a new brand and institutional image, Axion Seguros. Through a multidisciplinary team, able to interpret our origins and founding values as well as envision the future in accordance to our activity, Atomivox was able to adopt a simple and objective language that demonstrated a distinct ability for execution and availability.

Knowing that the communication and branding process is continuous and changing, we are confident that Atomivox’s services will continue to add much value to our company in an increasingly complex and demanding digital world.”

With a new name, branding, narrative and website we believe that Axion is much better positioned to grow their business, expand their network and reach success.

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