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To Build A High Converting Website

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Top 5


To Build A High Converting Website


Your website could be your #1 salesperson.

Learn how to set it up for maximum ROI.

Losing time and money on a business website that doesn’t deliver the performance you need has nothing to do with bad luck. Your business deserves a high converting website to generate leads and sales, but getting there takes some planning.

The good news is it isn’t a shot in the dark. In our guide, we uncover 5 “traffic triggers” that the best B2B websites use to 10x, 20x, or even 100x leads and conversions. Combining insightful data with an informed strategy is a proven formula that gets results. It’s creativity meets marketing psychology.

Let us show you the ropes.

Build it (cleverly) and they will come.

If you want your business website working at it’s peak, you need all 5 elements:

Targeted SEO Strategy
Client Focused Content
Obvious Calls To Action
Clear Navigation
Mobile Responsive Design

“In a survey conducted by Databox, 70% of respondents said that SEO is better than PPC for generating sales. (Databox, 2019)”

(Source: HubSpot Marketing Statistics)
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The secret’s inside our free guide.

Turning your business website into a conversion engine isn’t rocket science, but it requires a plan. We break down the top 5 must-haves leading B2B brands use to turn a mediocre website into a high converting sales machine with advice, examples, and step-by-step tips on how to build your site right.

1. To get found online, you need an SEO strategy.

This is about using very precise SEO tactics to improve your website's rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Some of these tactics include:

Define your target audience, so you know who you're aiming your message at.

Targeted keyword research to find the best search phrases to get people to your page.

Conversion Path Strategy

Find your organic traffic opportunities based on your audience size and the competition.

Build a new web page, or optimize an existing page.

Earn backlinks and raise your domain authority.

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2. To increase online conversion rates, you need to create great client-focused content.

Your website must speak directly to your ideal customer.

You must create content that delights your customers and keeps them interested.

Strategically present your content in a way that successfully leads prospective customers through every stage of the buyer journey.

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3. To close the sale, you need obvious calls to action (CTAs).

Your website should clearly tell the user what their next step should be.

Use CTAs to provide a solution to a problem.

CTAs should be clear, persuasive and only ask your user to complete one action. Keep it to the point.

CTAs should be personal, relevant and invoke curiosity.

Avoid negative or friction words.

Then test them out until you find the ones that work best.

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4. To get the leads, you need clear navigation.

Keep navigation simple. Make sure users can easily get to what they're looking for.

Avoid complicated drop-down menus, unless they're completely necessary.

Use descriptive labels in your navigation so people know exactly what to expect.

Make use of the footer to further help guide users in the right direction.

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5. To stay relevant & increase conversion, you need mobile responsive design.

Focus only on essential content to get mobile users what they need.

Cleverly plan your hierarchy and layout.

Optimize your images to make sure they scale well.

Keep navigation simple and effective.

Make performance and load times a top priority.

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"As of 2019, mobile devices, excluding tablets, generated about half of all website traffic globally." (Statista, 2020)

(Source: HubSpot Marketing Statistics)

"To improve site performance, the top technical SEO tactic used by marketers is optimizing mobile performance." (HubSpot, 2020)

(Source: HubSpot Marketing Statistics)

Your website has one job. Make sure it’s done right.

Want to send website conversion rates, leads, and digital marketing ROI through the roof? Grab our guide, then book a time to talk with our team. We’ll work with you to create a smart, tailored revenue generation solution for your business.

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