The Atomivox Rebrand

Kevin Mullins

Brand positioning is a curious thing.

Miss it, and you become a commodity.
Find it, and like Popeye, you open a can of success for your brand.

By Kevin Mullins, Atomivox Managing Director

For nearly five years, clients have come to Atomivox to build brands that stand for something. Today, as a growing brand strategy design studio, we’re fortunate to work with disruptor brands and businesses from all over the world.

It wasn’t always like this.

When we began, Atomivox was just another design shop selling websites and logos. As we’ve grown and matured, so have the projects. Even though we were solving bigger and more complex business challenges, something wasn’t quite right.

Something was missing.

For starters, our brand design was looking a little stale. Not that it ever looked terrible; it just no longer represented what we’ve become. It didn’t have that touch of magic we were creating for our customers. Over time, we began to like the brand designs we were delivering for our customers more than we liked ours. Once that happened too many times, we knew it was time for a change.

Second, the technical debt of our website had become a barrier to growth. Businesses and companies grow and evolve as they mature. We see this every day as we help companies improve their digital marketing strategies, rebuild their websites and clarify their message. At Atomivox, we had updated the depth of our service offerings, but our old site structure didn’t reflect it. It was built to support a much smaller agency and lacked the professional design and development tricks we’ve learned through the years — things like speed best-practices, SEO optimization, server-side caching, and well-defined user experience.

So, being the fearless, brutally honest types we are, we flipped the lens around and spent the last six months applying our positioning process on ourselves.

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The Results

For those customers who have known us since the beginning, the new, more assertive Atomivox brand shouldn’t come as a surprise. It was always present, buried deep inside. We just weren’t doing a good job communicating it.

“Lots of businesses make the mistake we made, and we’re a creative marketing studio!” says Kevin Mullins, Atomivox Managing Director. “Our brand had evolved into something we thought the market wanted, instead of representing who we are. The new Atomivox branding is about taking control of our story and telling it our way.”

This is no more evident than in the Atomivox logo set. Our new logos pair a modern typeface with a custom design we call “the vocal bomb.” These logos exemplify everything Atomivox has come to be known for; a gritty, no-holds-barred creative partner to brands that have something to say and need a platform to say it.

By reworking our narrative, we placed our brand’s signature voice of conviction and grit center stage. The website also received a significant facelift. Our services are now represented by a confident style and swagger, placed right at your fingertips no matter where you are on the site. Our new website offers a more convenient navigation system with a quick and easy way to engage with the Atomivox team.

“What we needed was something that represented more us and less them;” continues Kevin. “The same process we use for our customers took us back to our roots to find out where we came from and what we stood for. Now I know how our clients feel when we unveil their new brand. What a rush!”

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