Website Showdown: Trump vs. Biden Presidential Campaign Websites

Kevin Mullins

Donald J. Trump versus Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Make America Great Again versus Build Better Back.

The two presidential contenders battled it out in a presidential campaign for the centuries.

It’s the day after, and despite all the counting, we still don’t know who will be the future resident of the White House.

Will Donald Trump keep his Washington D.C. address for the next 4 years, or will Joe Biden be calling the moving vans to take him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

A Tale of Two Websites

NY Times: Presidential Race on Razor’s Edge, With Key States Still Counting

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This one is for all the marbles but as of today, we don’t know how many each candidate gets.

“As vote-counting continued in an election with record-breaking turnout where most ballots were cast before Election Day but many could not be counted until afterward, the presidency continued to hang in the balance early Wednesday afternoon.”

Courtesy of the New York Times

The Ultimate Campaign Website Showdown

This was a battle to the finish for 270 electoral votes, but it wasn’t just fought on the streets and door to door. Both candidates spent oodles of cash on fancy campaign websites and sophisticated digital marketing and get out the vote campaigns.

So how did each candidate’s presidential campaign website fare from an inbound marketing perspective?


President Trump’s Campaign Website

Overall, President Trump’s website portrays a powerful, “presidential” image. With messaging like: “Secure Your Vote,” the website conveys an ominous tone of election hacking and nefarious actors trying to steal ballots. They did a good job of creating a professional, responsive website. Good use of media. Poor inbound marketing techniques.


  • Powerful use of media
  • Consistent design
  • Strong brand presence
  • Clear navigation
  • Clear messaging


  • Confusing CTAs
  • No smart opt-in forms
  • Trump is the hero, not the guide
  • No 3-step plan
  • Lack of transformational arc
  • Too focused on shop experience
  • Focus on irrelevant characters/information

Vice-President Biden’s Campaign Website

Overall, Vice-President Biden’s website seems lighter and more optimistic than Trump’s. They did a good job of using softer colors like grey, white and blue. This makes the website feel brighter and less ominous. They also did a better job on content and messaging. Words like “us”, “you”, “team”, help the campaign play to the base with a “we’re in this together” feel.


  • Great use of softer tones and colors
  • Strong branding
  • Brilliant media usage
  • Clear navigation
  • Powerful messaging and story-arc
  • 3-step plan
  • Clear buyer journey (opt-in forms and donation buttons)
  • Positioning “Joe and the Democrats” as trusted guides


  • None

Website showdown video review

Jump in and watch as we break down each candidate’s presidential campaign — showing where each did well, and where they went wrong. (Unfortunately, a glitch trimmed the last two minutes.)

Grab your popcorn 🍿 and get comfy. This is gonna be fun.

What’s the bottom line?

Inbound marketing is everywhere. Even presidential campaign websites.

Maybe you’re not soliciting for campaign contributions but you are trying to grow your sales revenue. Your website can make all the difference. You just need to know the tricks.

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