What makes a logo successful? (3 reasons why it matters)

Kevin Mullins

“Design is a silent ambassador for your brand” – Paul Rand

To say that a good logo can make or break your company is an understatement. As we’ve written before, the world’s top-tier companies know that their logo is one of their most valuable assets. In some cases, as important, and more valuable than the physical assets on the books. More and more small and medium businesses are waking up to this fact too. Bottom line: a great logo is critical to market success. So, what does it take to create a successful one?

Read below to discover our top 3 tips for designing a logo that turns heads. 

1. Make it Captivating

Expert logo design starts with defining and crafting something captivating. Your logo not only has to capture an audience, but it also has to win over the right audience. When customers see your logo, you want them to say, “Yup, they are what I am looking for.” A strong brand mark is essential, but it is useless if it is not memorable to the right audience.  

This insurance company came to us because they wanted to be recognizable while also conveying security. We used a shield and bright red colors to make this logo stand out from other more formal insurance companies. It’s guaranteed to make them memorable for years to come.

AxionSeguros Logo FullColor ENG 092018

2. Make it Meaningful

Your logo is the flagship for your brand. It has to convey meaning and tell the world what your company is all about. It should make customers feel secure when choosing you and employees proud when they wear your logo on their uniform. In other words, it has to be desirable. But how? One way is to infuse unique characteristics or meanings into the icon. Think of the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo, which conveys their commitment to delivering the world’s packages in record time. A good logo can express your organization’s identity, but a great logo will do that while also showing your core values.

Here is an outstanding example of a symbol that does this well. This Portuguese real estate agency wanted to portray elegance and trustworthiness. We used gold accents and elements from the Portuguese flag to give the vintage key a more personalized meaning. Paired with an easy to read font, this logo has become a valuable asset, useful for years to come.

KazaCare Final Logo

3. Keep it Simple

Some of the best logos out there are so shrewdly simple they leave us, designers, thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?.” Whether designing logos for a business, a product, a charity or non-profit, or even a rock-n-roll band, elaborate doesn’t always equal effective. A great logo should be simple, useful in any color, and applicable to anything. You want to be prepared when it’s time to order new uniforms or new signage for the store. Remember, the more simple the lines, the more versatile your logo will be across different types of media. When planning a new logo concept, remember the mantra: Don’t overthink it.

Consider some of the big multinational brands like Apple, McDonald’s, and Facebook. Their logos are simple and straight to the point with easy-to-read fonts and words. Even Starbucks is jumping on the simplicity boat by simplifying their logo.


Here is an excellent example of how we’ve used simplicity to create an elegant, modern logo. We used the letter “F” to create a negative-space “S” for the icon. Also, because our client is a flooring manufacturer, we gave the icon design a floor pattern to be easily recognizable for their nationwide roll-out. Paired with a clean, modern font, this logo will look amazing printed on anything.

Floorsense FullColor Logo

Want a Successful Logo?

In conclusion, an organization’s logo should be appealing to the eye and memorable. It should convey meaning and inform your target audience of what you’re all about. Lastly, a great logo is versatile, translating firmly across all media.

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