Why we believe in disruptor brands

Kevin Mullins

Bad boys.
Bad girls.
The wrong crowd.


Conformity has its place, but there is something to being a disruptor in a sea of sameness. The status quo can be safe, but it’s also mild and monotonous. And expected. 

That may be a good thing when you’re producing tube socks, but too much predictability can be disastrous if ingenuity begins to stagnate.Henry ford 1919

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

— Henry Ford

Henry saw beyond horses and went on to build an automotive empire.

He couldn’t help it, that’s what disruptors do.

What is a disruptor brand?

We set out to align Atomivox with brands and businesses driving the status quo forward. It’s who we are and, from day one, it’s who we wanted to work with.

A disruptor brand sees the world differently than other companies. For them, the status quo isn’t something to conform to; it’s a routine that needs rearranging.

Disruptor brands elevate our thinking by asking “what if.” They see the world not as it is, but as it ought to be. It’s one thing to make suggestions from the sidelines, but it’s a whole other thing to jump in and make improvements. Disruptor brands aren’t afraid to ask tough questions and get their hands dirty searching for the answers. 

Disruptors are humble enough to shake things up to keep moving forward. Nothing kills a business quicker than an unwillingness to adapt to stay ahead of the market. Disruptors listen to the deep needs of the market and organize their strategies around solutions that drive demand forward. 

Disruptor brands change the world.

Why do we work with disruptor brands?

Conviction and grit are the main reasons why we love partnering with them. They bring a rebellious, lip-curled attitude to their plans. Good enough is never good enough. Not for themselves, their business, or their industry. Disruptors are humble enough to recognize that just when they think they’ve arrived, there’s something new to improve, to create, to remake. 

Atomi stamp

As rock musicians and metalheads turned brand strategists, being conventional didn’t make sense for us then. It doesn’t make sense now.

Taking the status quo head on is in our blood. Being digital natives, we’re not cut from the same cloth as the print-focused advertising world. Besides, there are so many agencies supporting and servicing the status quo. Who needs another marketing agency selling the same sort of same?

The status quo may keep our world turning, but we wanted our creative marketing studio to be different. We prefer to be surprised and delighted by radical thinking because that’s where big opportunities are found.

Disruptors in unlikely places.

A few years ago, I went to hear Helder Antunes, Cisco’s former Sr. Director of Corporate Strategic Innovation, speak of his experience as an interpreneur at Cisco. Having been fully surrounded in the tech startup bubble, I was skeptical about what a corporate executive might say about innovation. What I heard blew me away. (and made me rethink my biases) So much so, I invited him to lunch.

What Helder shared over lunch was something I will never forget. Disruptors can be found in the most unlikely places, including large multinational organizations. Disruption isn’t merely a set of actions we take; it’s an attitude we live out in the world.

Any company, big or small, is capable of becoming a disruptor brand, it’s just a matter of mindset.

Yes, even punk rockers wear business suits.

Whether conventional businesses or innovative startups, the world needs more disruptor brands. Ready to build a new disruptor brand or disrupt your own? We’ll help you create it then use it to ignite your marketing strategy and your business. 

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