Naturalsophy E-Commerce Website

Naturalsophy E-Commerce Website

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An e-commerce website for an organic skincare startup.


The Challenge

How do you position a new line of skincare products to challenge the entrenched players and supermarket brands? Go all-in on digital. Naturalsophy’s certified-organic creams and lotions were some of the best we’d ever seen. However, winning attention from moms was a big challenge. When we met, Naturalsopy’s branding, packaging, narrative, and digital sales strategy required a total redo. The company needed a useful e-commerce website that was straightforward to manage, secure, and scalable.

The Result

As with any consumer product innovation, Naturalsophy needed help balancing education with design, strategy, and functionality. The first step was achieving a brand and packaging redesign. Next, was uncovering what made the company, and their combination of ingredients, unique. We weighed everything from premium fragrances, state-of-the-art manufacturing, certifications, and their commitment to earth-friendly solutions. We then took a vast amount of content, science, and the founder’s personal story and fashioned it into an engaging narrative for moms. Last, we tackled the creation of a secure e-commerce store; harmonizing the founder’s goal of an educational resource with a sales engine. A big task!

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What the Client Received

Naturalsophy’s mission is summarized in the main header: “Healthy skin makes baby happy. Mommy too.” Today, Naturalsophy has a beautifully branded, secure e-commerce website to showcase their line of premium skincare products. They have what they need to grow their business and make babies everywhere, happy. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.

Custom Web Design

Custom web design complete with mock-ups and wireframes.

E-Commerce Development

Secure, responsive WordPress + WooCommerce implementation.

Content Strategy

Brandscript, multilingual content, keyword research, voice & tone.

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