Sphonic Web Design Case Study

Sphonic Web Design Case Study

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“A key goal of Sphonic over the past two years has been to elevate our brand in the RegTech space by creating an enhanced online presence. We partnered with Atomivox for this because of the emphasis they put on showcasing the core value and messaging of a brand. I have been particularly impressed with the time they put in to understanding our space. We have learned a lot about our target markets while working with Atomivox, as a result of their detailed work building customer profiles with us and the website is now our key source of leads. We are excited about expanding our marketing strategy with the help of Atomivox in the future.”

– James Gutteridge, Commercial Manager
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The Challenge

To most of the world, the banking, regulation, and financial industries are anything but exciting. Meeting Sphonic, a London-based #regtech company and consultancy, changed our minds. Sphonic gives fraud and risk teams the tools they need to manage KYC, AML, or other regulatory responsibilities for banks, Fintechs and other regulated businesses. Their platform was quickly evolving, and they needed a digital marketing agency partner to re-position their brand and reach new customers.

The Result

We worked closely with Sphonic’s executive team to devise an end-to-end digital strategy. This included focused research on their target audience, an overhauled web design, web development, brand story narrative, and marketing automation. Today, we’re helping this rising London #regtech execute a carefully-planned digital marketing strategy to reach some of the biggest names in global finance.

What the Client Received

Collaboration and teamwork formed the core of our relationship with Sphonic’s executives. Technology-centric marketing projects like Sphonic always risk slipping into geeky, technical territory, something everyone was eager to avoid. Instead, we aimed for customer engagement, blending beautiful graphic design, brand story copywriting, and savvy digital marketing to increase marketing qualified leads and generate new revenue.

Web Design & Development

Custom web design complete with UX mock-ups and wireframes.

Content & Narrative

Copywriting, brand story, and buyer persona development.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound and outbound marketing strategies, SEO, CRM integration.

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